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    Project Megaphone is a new small business insight and support initiative from Community Reinvestment Fund USA (CRF), Small Business Majority, and Kanopy.

    Together, we are building a trusted network of small business resources that will help make small businesses in your community stronger through your participation.

    And we need your help.

    Small business owners are the engines that drive local communities, creating wealth and opportunity for neighbors, friends, and other small businesses.

    Now you can amplify your experience by sharing your business insights with other community entrepreneurs like you.

    Why we're doing this


    Small businesses thrive with a combination of community-based support networks, local economic insights, and ideas from other local businesses.

    That's why we’re creating an open channel for this kind of collaborative communication – an easy way to share how local businesses are doing and what they’re thinking about.

    Project Megaphone
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    Small businesses in your community are counting on your help.

    Will you join your peers and Kanopy to amplify small business support in your community?

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    How to Participate

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    Click on the “Add Voice” button in the upper-right section of the map

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    Complete a brief survey and post the story of your business using text and multimedia

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    Use your Project Megaphone dashboard to view aggregated data, read small business stories and explore key metrics relevant to your business

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    Everyone who contributes to the community receives monthly updates with the latest insights from your small business community

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    Kanopy, Small Business Majority, and Community Reinvestment Fund, USA share the goal of better serving small businesses, with a focus on underserved communities. Together, we are creating solutions that deliver the capital, insights and resources to help small businesses and their communities thrive.

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